Manual for Interpreters in School Settings (English/Spanish) CD-ROM



Manual for Interpreters in School Settings (English/Spanish) - Yasmin Wurts Metivier and M. Eta Trabing, 2007.

Take a look at the great information you'll find in this manual:

Introduction to Interpreting; Types of Interpreters; Modes of Interpretation; The Interpreter in a School Setting; Preparing to Interpret; Interpretation Techniques; Listening Techniques; Techniques for Consecutive Interpretation; Note-Taking Techniques; Memory Development or Mnemonics; Code of Professional Conduct for Interpreters; For School Staff: To Facilitate Working with an Interpreter; Cultural Aspects; General Characteristics of Hispanic/Latino Culture; Latinos/Hispanics in the American School System; Cross-Border Students and Families; The Mexican School System; Maps and Other Information; Family Members, Clothing and Basic Anatomy; Practice Scenarios; Resources for Interpreters

And with the following English to Spanish Glossary: 65 pages of School District Terminology

77 pages of school forms (IEPs, ARDs, etc.) in English and Spanish

A total of 216 pages of useful information for interpreters in the schools.