Manual for Judiciary Interpreters - English to Spanish (CD-ROM)


Third Edition, 2008; CD-ROM

Containing: Code of Professional Responsibilities for Interpreters in the Judiciary; Modes of Interpretation used in Judiciary Interpreting; Judiciary interpreters do not only work in criminal courts, but also ... Protocol in the Judiciary Field; A Judiciary Interpreter Also Must ... ; Techniques for Consecutive Interpretation and Delivery.

675 pages of English to Spanish Dictionary for Interpreters in the U.S. Courts, with definitions of all legal entries!! No other bilingual legal dictionary has done this!!

Judiciary Appendices: Some Interpreters’ Oaths; Some Witness’ Oaths; Miranda Warning / Rights; National Professional Associations for T/Is.
Additional English-Spanish Terminology sections: Family Members; Clothing; Anatomy; Motor Vehicles; List of States, Provinces and Departments in the Americas and Spain; Other Legal, General and Business, Medical and Technical Dictionaries, Glossaries and Sources for Buying