Municipal and Justice of the Peace Court Interpreter's Manual


A Very Brief Overview of Interpretation in General; Court Interpreting; Interpreter Qualifications and Talents; Interpretation Techniques; Modes of Interpretation Used in Judiciary/Court Interpreting; Listening Techniques; Consecutive Interpretation; Techniques and Protocols; Note-taking Techniques; Simultaneous Interpretation Techniques; On-Sight Translation Techniques; Mnemonics and Memory; Code of Professional Responsibilities for Interpreters In the Judiciary; You, as a Judiciary Interpreter, must...; The Criminal Justice System; Law Enforcement; The Courts; Corrections; Certification for Judiciary Interpreters in the U.S.; Oaths or Affirmations; Bail and Bonds; Common Law vs Civil or Roman Law; Burdens of Proof; Basic Rights of a Person Charged with a Crime; Miranda Warning; Suggested Additional Reading; Reliable Source of Spanish Dictionaries; Criminal Codes; Classification of Misdemeanors; Subchapter D, Exceptional Sentences.