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NEW!!  FIREARMS AND OTHER HANDHELD WEAPONS, ©2018, Text in English and English to Spanish Glossary,  by M. Eta Trabing and Marco Hanson

Berkana Language LLC is proud to present its latest book: 251 pages for interpreters, translators, students and professionals in the courts, officers of the law, and for general knowledge. 

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Compilation and English-Spanish Glossaries  By M. Eta Trabing

Berkana Language LLC is proud to present its latest medical book for professors, students and professionals in medical interpretation and translation. 

This 425-page book will last for a number of classes and months of reading and studying.  Click the link below for extra details and to order!

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Fundamentals for Translation English / Español

 Fundamentals for Translation – English / Español – 3rd Edition – 3a Edición, 2019, 211 pp.  by M. Eta Trabing

This book covers the basics needed for English1 Spanish translation, it includes: Preface; Annotated Excerpts from “The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language;” A Summary of Translation Theory; The Actual Process of Translation; English Grammar Section; Sección de Gramática Castellana/Española; Bilingual Section English-Spanish for Comparison; 

Included: CD-ROM in Unlocked MS Word – 2 files of
Practice Translation Exercises with and without answers.

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Foods and Cookery Dictionary – Second Edition, English to Spanish, with Latin binomials, 2013, by M. Eta Trabing

530 pp. of  English/French/Italian/German/Japanese/Chinese/others into Spanish of fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, meats, wines and alcoholic beverages and loads of culinary terminology with explanations, specifically for the restaurant and bar industry, for institutional and commercial kitches, supermarkets, dietitians and nutrionists, as well as for translators and interpreters.

Cells, DNA/RNA, and Related Information for Medical and Judiciary Interpreters
This book deals with Genetics, the Human Genome Project, the Anatomy of a Cell, Cell Division, Mitosis and Meiosis, Chromosomes, Genes, DNA and RNA Bases, Amino Acids, Recombinant DNA, DNA in Forensic and Medical Situations, Gel Electrophoresis for DNA Sequencing, Restriction Enzymes, Some Technologies used in Forensic Investigations, Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP), Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Analysis, and much more. Many graphs and pictures. Available in both book and DVD.

Illegal Drugs Terminology for Judiciary Interpreters

The first section consists of detailed names, classifications, ingestion methods, uses and effects of just about all the illegal drugs available at this time on the illegal market, with lots of b/w pictures. New drugs come along every day, but this book had to go to press. Also included are pages on some of the major world-wide and USA law enforcement agencies that deal with illegal drugs...Available in both book form and CD-ROM.

Municipal and Justice of the Peace Court Interpreter's Manual

A Very Brief Overview of Interpretation in General; Court Interpreting; Interpreter Qualifications and Talents; Interpretation Techniques; Modes of Interpretation Used in Judiciary/Court Interpreting; Listening Techniques; Consecutive Interpretation; Techniques and Protocols; Note-taking Techniques; Simultaneous Interpretation Techniques; On-Sight Translation Techniques; Mnemonics and Memory...Available in both book form and CD-ROM.

Running Your T/I Business from Home

This book is full of useful and practical information, such as: How to get started; your résumé; a service business; the business entity that is right for you; starting your business; marketing yourself; how to set your prices; risk management; preparing a price estimate (for translations and for interpretations); relationship with your client; codes of professional conducts...Available in book form.

Anatomy–Physiology for Interpreters in Healthcare:   English-Spanish

Materials covered in this set:  A 160-page text in English and in Spanish on the various systems of the human body. This text is divided into the following sections: The Cell, The Bones, The Skeleton, The Joints, Bone and Joint Disorders, The Muscles, The Tendons, Muscle Injuries and Disorders...Available in both book form and CD-ROM.

Manual for Judiciary Interpreters - English to Spanish  Third Edition, 2008; 737pp.

Containing: Code of Professional Responsibilities for Interpreters in the Judiciary; Modes of Interpretation used in Judiciary Interpreting; Judiciary interpreters do not only work in criminal courts, but also ...675 pages of English to Spanish Dictionary for Interpreters in the U.S. Courts, with definitions of all legal entries!! No other bilingual legal dictionary has done this!  Available in both book form and CD-ROM.

Manual for Interpreters in School Settings (English/Spanish)  

Yasmin Wurts Metivier and M. Eta Trabing, 2007.
Introduction to Interpreting; Types of Interpreters; Modes of Interpretation; The Interpreter in a School Setting; Preparing to Interpret; Interpretation Techniques; Listening Techniques; Techniques for Consecutive Interpretation; Note-Taking Techniques...Available in both book form and CD-ROM

Sight Translation Training Materials, Volume I